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We've Moved to New England's Last Green
Valley in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.
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Peace & Connection

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Sol Luna Farm

Sol Luna Farm is a holistic yoga, sound-healing and herbal center situated on a historic 67-acre farmstead in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


We offer classes and workshops in our 150 year-old restored barn and “Goat Shed” that have been transformed into a beautiful open yoga studio and herbal classrooms. Studio, classrooms, and outdoor teaching & meditation spaces are all set against a stunning backdrop of mountain views, rolling pastures, old growth sugar maples, stonewalls and orchards.   


The surrounding beauty of the fabulous hilltop views, herbal gardens, spring-fed pond, and babbling brook encourage a sense of peacefulness and connection to nature. Miles of onsite woodland trails offer an environment ripe for personal reflection and inner transformation.


802 - 492 - 9393


87 Ragged Hill Road Pomfret Center, Connecticut 


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