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Sol Luna Farm Botanical

Sol Luna Farm, herbal garden, and yoga studio is nestled deep in the Green Mountain forests of Vermont. The land here is so rich with wild medicinal herbs and edible plants… a true herbalist’s dream and bounty!


Forever the student, I am constantly learning from Nature and in awe of her magic and power. As I wander and explore the 67 acres of Sol Luna Farm with her abundant meadows and forest trails I keep watchful and endeavor to stay in tune with her rhythms and cycles.  It never ceases to amaze me how often I am newly surprised and delighted by the way she so creatively orchestrates the synergy of all life living upon her, when left to her own design.


It is a great honor to be able to share with others the learning and abundant gifts that I have gained from this land.


To learn about upcoming Sol Luna Hands-on Herbal Workshops, Plant Identification Garden or Trail Walks, and Foraging Classes click here.  


*Please feel free to visit my Plant Medicine & Foraging Info page, where you’ll find helpful herbal information, recipes, book recommendations, links and more.

Choose Your Herb Class

Choose Your Class


Wild Medicinal Plant & Food Foraging Workshop

We will spend much of the morning in the fresh air hiking in the woods, fields and pastures at Sol Luna Farm discovering a number of commonly overlooked wild plants that can be used for herbal remedies or eaten, and that grow abundantly in New England. 


A light vegetarian lunch will be provided mid-day featuring an array of wild-crafted and garden-harvested foods and herbs. 


You will bring home your wild-crafted treasures and a plant medicine remedy made that day!


What you will learn: 


  • To identify and gather a sampling of the medicinal and edible plants that commonly grow wild all around us in New England. 

  • How to process these herbs for storage and medicinal preparations. 

  • How to use the wild plants we collect for food or as remedies in a variety of situations.

  • How to use these herbs to make simple plant preparation such as a tincture, infusion or decoction. 


Please dress for the weather: sun hat, sunscreen, hiking shoes, boots or rain gear as appropriate. Wearing long pants is advised. You may also want to bring a pair of gardening gloves and clippers. 


Attendance is Limited.  Please Register in Advance.


Plant Medicine 2-Day Intensive 

Learn the art of making potent herbal medicines in this hands-on weekend intensive at Sol Luna Farm. 


Experience hands on techniques in medicine making and plant harvesting. You will take away from this course first hand experience of gathering plants from the farm, how and when to harvest different herbs, how to process and dry them, and make them in to a variety of highly potent and effective medicinal herbal preparations.


Students will gain confidence in basic medicine making skills and learn standardized methods by using weight to volume ratios and measuring by parts. Take home all medicines made in class including a fresh plant tincture made with a herb of your choice, a salve, and a basket full of freshly harvested herbs to dry or make into preparations at home. 

Day 1:
Herb harvesting
Hot & Cold Infusions, decoction
Choosing your menstruum: alcohol, vinegar, glycerin
Fresh plant tinctures
Dry plant tinctures
Materia medica for all herbs used in workshop

Day 2:

Medicinal Herbs as food

Herb drying and storage
Oil infusion methods
Herbal salve making
Materia medica for all herbs used in workshop


Learn About Flower Vibrational Essences; How to Use Them to Balance Emotions & How to

Make Your Own 

Information coming soon!

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