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Meet Grace Pratt

Grace is a certified RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, an experienced Sound-Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Herbalist.


Grace believes that Yoga is a sacred and spiritual practice that can help us find our way back to the truth of our Divine Nature.  Her classes are infused with this subtle message and allow a safe and nurturing space for each person to connect to their own unfolding of this knowing. Her yoga style is mindful and breath centered. She teaches “Serenity” Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga and healing Restorative Yoga classes and Guided Meditations that all incorporate or close with Sound Healing.

As a Sound-Healing Practitioner she utilizes the harmonic resonance of Singing Crystal Bowls to provide healing and attunement for the physical and energy bodies, facilitating Sound-Healing sessions, workshops and events.


Grace began her journey and love of  “healing sound” of the Crystal Singing Bowls over 10 years ago in Southern California when she experienced them for the first time.


“I closed my eyes and found myself in a state of pure ecstasy.

My mind was fully quiet for the first time that I could remember and the beautiful tones of the bowls held me in their vibrational embrace.”    

Thus began her journey with healing sound & vibration and of intense study with many teachers. This ultimately led to the joining of this modality into her yoga classroom and creation of flower vibrational essences, along with Crystal Attunement Sound Journey events, Sound Healing workshops and personal practices.


Grace began her Herbal Studies at the age of 16 as an apprentice and shopkeeper for an herbal apothecary. Always a lover of nature, she was truly fascinated to learn the medicinal healing qualities of plants, deciding then that the practice of herbal healing would be a permanent continuing factor in her life.


In 1995 she formalized her studies and became certified as a Clinical Herbalist at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California.

Considering herself “always a student” of nature, she continues her studies to this day.  

Always driving her has been the desire to have a place to grow medicinal plants and gather wild herbs. This dream was finally realized in November 2016 when she and her husband Russ moved to Vermont and bought Sol Luna Farm. Then began the process of creating medicinal gardens and the restoration of the 150-year old barns to provide a space for herbal workshops in the beloved Goat Shed, along with the Yoga Barn for yoga and sound events.


Sol Luna Farm

Sol Luna Farm is a holistic yoga, sound-healing and herbal center situated on a historic 67-acre farmstead in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


We offer classes and workshops in our 150 year-old restored barn and “Goat Shed” that have been transformed into a beautiful open yoga studio and herbal classrooms. Studio, classrooms, and outdoor teaching & meditation spaces are all set against a stunning backdrop of mountain views, rolling pastures, old growth sugar maples, stonewalls and orchards.   


The surrounding beauty of the fabulous hilltop views, herbal gardens, spring-fed pond, and babbling brook encourage a sense of peacefulness and connection to nature. Miles of onsite woodland trails offer an environment ripe for personal reflection and inner transformation.

Red Leaves
Red Leaves

So many butterflies!
So many butterflies!

We have so many butterflies visiting the medicinal garden!

View at Sol Luna Farm
View at Sol Luna Farm

Red Leaves
Red Leaves