Bee Balm supports “Life Vibrance” by elevating the spirit and allowing us to embrace life to its fullest.  


Bell Flower quickens our “Higher Self Alignment;” promoting realization of our true self (our inner teacher) and the abundant wisdom we have within. 


Black Eyed Susan supports “Recognition” and acceptance of hurt feelings and difficult emotions. It offers Light and Transformation to the psyche. 


California Poppy opens the “Radiant Heart” and supports a deeper connection and expression of your the infinite love, compassion & beauty within you. 


Chive promotes “Balance” for our day-to-day living, easing stress when we take on too much and helping to create harmony within all aspects of our lives. 


Echinacea inspires personal growth with “Awakened Consciousness;” 

releasing old stories and negative emotions that hold one back from positive growth and self-realization. 


Lavender provides “Restoration” for the nervous system in times of ongoing stress, helping you feel more relaxed and allowing the nervous system to restore itself to equilibrium. 


Lady’s Mantle offers us a loving hug of “Comfort & Support;” connecting us to our own self-love, self-care and compassion. 


Red Clover offers a sense of “Tranquility” that brings peace-within even when the outside world seems in chaos. 


Rose assists in connection to our “Joyful” nature; the child-like part of us that loves to laugh and play, and feel the joy in every day.


Speedwell increases the power of  “Insight ”and intuition, while retaining a heightened sense of equanimity, which allows for greater reasoning in regards to the perceptions one receives.


St. John’s Wort offers “Protection” by reinforcing the personal strength, power and Light within. 


Sun Flower aids in greater “Confidence,” by helping to access our own inner strength, sense of personal power, and belief in one’s self.


Wood Betony provides a sense of “Grounding,” by strengthening our connection to the earth, to our gut feelings and intuition.

Flower Essence - Single