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Our bodies are vibrating fields of energy, governed by energy centers, called Chakras. When those fields get out of balance the result can be mental, emotional, physical or even spiritual stress.


~Dr. Mitch Gaynor, MD, author of  “The Healing Power of Sound”

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Sound Healing at Sol Luna Farm


Crystal Attunement Sound Journey

Crystal Attunement is an experience of sound and vibration that transports participants to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace, creating an opportunity for healing.


The pure resonance of Crystal Singing Bowls help to harmonize and transform our subtle energetic patterns and restore our vital energy centers to a balanced state of health and wellness.


You will feel residual tension and stress melt away as the soothing tones & vibrations gently penetrate the cells and fibers of your being.  Your mind will become still and peaceful. Your entire body becomes relaxed as the pure quartz crystal singing bowls balance, heal, and purify your being.


There is nothing for you to do but rest, relax and receive…

Choose Your Class

Choose Your Class or Workshop



Crystal Attunement Sound Healing

A sacred journey of sound and vibration that takes participants to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace, creating an opportunity for healing, while attuning the Chakras and Light Body.​ 

Upcoming Dates: 


Coming Soon! 

*Attendance is limited.

Please sign-up in advance, .

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Book a Private Sound Healing Session 

for Yourself or a Group 

A Private Sound Healing can provide 

a deeper therapeutic session 

designed for each individual or group. Each session will include an extended and personalized Crystal 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing.


Additional healing methods may also be included dependent on the individual or group. These could 

include: Chakra Attunement, Guided Meditation, Biosonic Energy Tuning Forks and/or Reiki. 

Single Person ~  $85 

Groups of 2-6  ~ $50 per person

Larger Groups ~ Please contact

Grace for pricing 


Email or Call to Schedule:




Introduction to Sound Healing Workshop 

*And Learn How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls 

This workshop covers the basic fundamentals of Sound Healing.


You will learn how to use the Power of Sound to provide relaxation, inner peace and an opportunity for healing for yourself and others.

You will discover and experience the basic types of Sound instruments and tools, and then practice using and playing them yourself. 


The afternoon will culminate with a Crystal Attunement Sound Bath.  

**So that all attendees can receive personal attention, each of these workshops are limited to 7 participants.


Please register & submit

payment in advance. 

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