Yoga and Meditation

Yoga practiced mindfully can bring about healing for our physical bodies and a greater sense of peace for us emotionally and spiritually.


The intention at Sol Luna Yoga is to offer thoughtful yoga classes that combine a mindful practice with a nurturing natural environment, in which each individual can experience this healing and greater sense of peace for themselves.


All Sol Luna classes described below are held in our restored 1800s Yoga Barn, with spectacular views of pastures, mountains, forests, orchards, and gardens.  We are surrounded by the peace & tranquility of Nature, and this essence is incorporated into all practices & classes at Sol Luna.


This unique environment creates the opening to experience a yoga, healing, and meditation practice that taps into deep connection with our more-than-human core self.  The forest trails, meditation areas, and grounds of Sol Luna are open immediately before and after classes for your individual reflection and enjoyment of the natural beauty.